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Britharius & Associates


We are proud to inform you that we have been appointed as the importer and distributor of the ROLITE product range directly from the Rolite Company in the USA.

Although the Rolite product range consists of several products, covering a wide spectrum of application, we have decided to start with products intended for the aviation industry. 

Our products meet the most recent commercial aviation certifications set by Boeing and McDonnell Douglas.

About Us

Our company started operations in 1998 under the name “LEOGEM” with our main focus on international commodity trading. With import/export certification and experience, we started to attend and generate contracts for our clients. This lead to our associates coming onboard and in 2011 we decided to dissolve “LEOGEM” and registered BRAVOSPAN 178 (t/a BRITHARIUS & ASSOCIATES).




  • Information about new products will be made available to our customers in due course.
  • Once our website is finalised, we’ll provide all our customers with the website address.
  • In order to ensure high quality results, it is strongly advisable not to mix Rolite products with other products.
  • In order to prevent contamination of the product, do not repack the product.
  • Be aware of imitations. In the event that you suspect the product to be an imitated product, please inform us immediately.
  • No agents are required.


  • In the event that customers prefer deliveries at Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria, we will deliver free of charge.
  • In this instance, we’ll require contact details of the entity responsible for receiving the product.
  • Deliveries to Wonderboom Airport will only be on Wednesdays.